Does Your Volkswagen Require Regular or Premium Gas?

January 28th, 2016 by

What Kind of Gas Does Volkswagen Use?
There’s often a debate among drivers over whether to fill up their gas tanks with regular or premium fuel. Some may believe premium fuel has its benefits, while others find premium fuel to just be a waste of money. Still, other vehicles may require premium gas over regular. So, what kind of gas does Volkswagen use?

Some updates to recommended fuel use in Volkswagen models were made for the 2016 model year, meaning that most VW models are now recommended for regular gasoline use. Therefore, the following list is current for 2016 models. Models recommended for regular gasoline use include:

Beetle Convertible
Golf GTI
Golf SportWagen
Jetta GLI

As you can see, the above list of vehicles recommended for regular gasoline use leaves only a few VW models needing premium fuel, like the Tiguan, CC 2.0T, Golf R and Eos. Some models, like the Passat VR6, may require only regular fuel, but need premium fuel in order to achieve the full horsepower and torque potentials there a benefit to using premium gasoline?
Like we said before, there are some drivers who believe there is a benefit to paying a little more for premium gas. One of the arguments is that premium fuel can get rid of engine pinging or knocking. If your vehicle is doing this, and you are using the recommended fuel type for your vehicle, then we recommend getting your vehicle check out by a qualified service technician rather than changing fuel types.

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The fact is, the kind of gas recommended for your Volkswagen’s use is recommended for a reason. If your vehicle requires regular, then go with that. If it requires premium, then we suggest filling up with that as well. To be sure, you can check your owner’s manual or contact us at Findlay Volkswagen with any questions.

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