Follow These Guidelines to Avoid Excess Wear and Tear on Your Leased Volkswagen

February 2nd, 2016 by

How Much Wear and Tear Can You Have on a VW Lease?
Car leases are great. You basically get to have an extended test drive of a new VW model, and at the end of the lease terms, you either trade-in for a newer model or make the decision to buy your trusty vehicle. Of course, one thing many drivers get concerned over is the wear and tear on the vehicle. Knowing how much wear and tear you can have on a VW lease, however, can help put your mind at ease.

Often times, you’ll be leasing the vehicle for three years, so it’s expected that there will be some normal wear to the vehicle. There are some situations, however, that are considered excessive wear. Though there may be no exact way to define that, there are a few guidelines you can follow.

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What is considered excess wear and tear on a Volkswagen lease?


chips, scratches or dents larger than 2 inches
multiple windshield chips, cracks or pits more than 1/8 of an inch
improper body repairs
more than three dings, or multiple chips/scratches/dents, on one body panel

Wheels and Tires:

less than 1/8 of an inch of tread depth on any tires
gouges on steel or alloy wheels
tires with cut or plugged sidewalls
snow tires
steel or alloy wheels that are missing, bent, broken or unrepairable


holes, tears or burns in the upholstery
excessive staining on carpet, upholstery or panels inside the vehicle
convertible top damage that includes burns, cuts, tears or stains


dashboard/service warning indicator lights illuminated that suggest the need for any repairs or maintenance services
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Though this guide covers many of the major examples of excess wear and tear, more examples could apply. To learn more about how much wear and tear you can have on a VW lease, feel free to contact us at Findlay Volkswagen or you can contact VW at 800-521-0171.