Findlay Volkswagen Henderson Supports Employee Mental Health

July 22nd, 2022 by

“Be an asset to our communities”. It is one of the pillars that make up the Findlay Volkswagen Henderson Purpose Statement, which is painted on the wall of their upstairs landing. In 2019, General Manager Melisa Eichbauer revamped the idea of the store’s traditional Mission Statement, stating “while a mission ends, a purpose lasts and provides a reason. We say “communities”, plural, because we aren’t just talking about our surrounding neighborhoods. We strive to be an asset not only in the local neighborhood community, but also our the work community, the family unit community, the athletic community… wherever people come together, wherever people may feel a fellowship with others.”

One of the communities Findlay VW Henderson supports and focuses on is a community that is right in front of businesses, owners and managers daily, but is often overlooked in the fast-paced workforce of today – its own employees.

“When it comes to our work community, Findlay VW believes it is important to show up for our team members the way they show up for us. A happy, healthy team is the key to a successful business and mental health is a vital component of the overall health of individuals. By focusing on supporting our employees’ mental health, we are able to improve employee retention and create a more caring workplace. We are always here to support our employees in any way possible.”

So exactly what does Findlay VW do to look out for its team members? Here are just a few examples:

  1. A relaxing quiet space – Sometimes employees just need a quiet space to relax and recharge. The Zen Room is a designated relaxation area inside the dealership that is meant to provide Findlay team members a mental break. The cool, quiet, lavender-scented space provides a sound machine,  yoga mats, blankets, and low lighting.


  1. Free meditation and yoga sessions with Vibe Yoga LV instructors – Sessions dubbed “Mindful Moments” help employees refocus, re-center, and re-energize during the hectic work week. Wellness activities like these help reduce stress, improve mental clarity and promote relaxation.


  1. Open communication encouraged – Findlay VW believes open communication is essential for a healthy workplace. Not only between direct coworkers but among all departments as well. Employees are encouraged to feel comfortable talking to their managers about any mental health concerns they may have. By providing a platform for open communication, businesses can create an environment where employees feel supported.


  1. Mental health resources available to all – Findlay Automotive has a variety of mental health resources for its employees, including providing access to licensed professionals that are there to help through issues like grief and loss, anxiety and depression, legal and financial, managing stresses, personal conflicts, substance abuse and more. Employees have 24 hour access to crisis hotlines with online and in person options. Findlay VW Henderson has taken this a step further, with additional resources including life coaches, group training sessions and an open door policy across all department managers.


  1. Flexible work arrangements with empathetic understanding – Findlay VW management knows the importance of supporting employees mental health through flexible work arrangements when it comes to life’s challenges. Along with this, a work-life balance is recognized and respected. Melisa often says “We are borrowing our team members from their families”, showing appreciation in the fact that employees have lives beyond the doors of the dealership.

“All in all mental health is not just a personal issue. It is a workplace concern as well. We are in the business of people first. Supporting mental health has an impact on everything from job satisfaction to overall productivity. By providing these resources, we are hoping to create a positive work environment that supports mental health and encourages employee retention.”

The automotive industry is fast-paced and changing daily, which can bring on stressful situations for employees, creating angst and frustration. Taking a moment to re-center oneself is crucial to mental health and can make the difference between a good day and a bad day.

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