Apple CarPlay Connects to Your Smartphone Apps for In-Vehicle Infotainment

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Does Apple CarPlay Use Phone Data
With the 2016 model year, Volkswagen introduced new infotainment features through VW Car-Net App-Connect, allowing drivers to stay connected on the road through either Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or MirrorLink. But one question many seem to have is, does Apple CarPlay use phone data? Let’s take a look at how this connectivity platform works.

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How Does Apple CarPlay Work

Infotainment systems of the past often made connecting to the music and navigation data on your smartphone a bit of a challenge. Apple CarPlay, however, is designed to better integrate apps located on your smartphone (such as music, maps or contacts) to the infotainment display in your vehicle.

Since Apple CarPlay takes information from your smartphone apps and seamlessly displays it onto the vehicle’s infotainment display, some have wondered if Apple CarPlay uses cellular data. The simple answer is, yes. Our best understanding suggests that using certain functions through Apple CarPlay can use up data.

That being said, certain features may not use up as much data as others, but unfortunately we don’t have any exact data on that. We encourage drivers to experiment using their Apple CarPlay system to see which features use more data and take this into consideration. For example, it’s likely that transmitting your location for navigation purposes will use more data than simpler functions.

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Tips to Limit Data Usage While Traveling
If data usage is a concern for you while traveling, here are a few tips you can put into practice while out on the road:

Disable data usage on certain apps that you won’t need.
Limit apps using your location.
Refrain from streaming videos or music while not connected to Wi-Fi. Streaming content that isn’t downloaded to your phone can really eat up data.
So now, those wondering if Apple CarPlay uses phone data will have a little bit more information on how the system works. Feel free to contact us at Findlay Volkswagen to learn more about VW infotainment features.

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