Tire & Wheel Protection with Optional Cosmetic Coverage

– Repair or replacement of a tire if structurally damaged due to a
covered road hazard.
– Replacement of a wheel if road hazard damage prevents the
wheel from sealing to the tire or maintaining the tire
manufacturer’s air pressure specifications.
– Approved costs associated with the repair or replacement of
tires and/or replacement of wheels, including labor charges,
mounting, balancing, valve stems, and taxes.
– Replacement OEM or aftermarket tires and wheels during the
agreement term, if they meet the manufacturer’s size
– No mileage limitations
– Reimbursement of towing expenses up to $100 per occurrence
in the event of covered road hazard damage.
– No limit to the number of structural damage claims.
– No deductible.

Will not provide coverage for chrome wheels, damage caused by vandalism, accident, repairs or replacements made
without prior authorization, off-road excursions, failure from normal wear and tear, improper wear or dry rot.