How To Fix An EPC Light On A VW

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If you’re driving through Henderson and the EPC warning light turns on, you may find yourself wondering “What is an EPC light?” and “How do I fix an EPC light on a VW?” The EPC warning light is one of several very important dashboard warning lights that’s found on new Volkswagen models. EPC standard for Electric Power Control, and the light indicates a problem with the throttle system or sensors in your vehicle. This light often signifies a serious problem, and you should bring your Volkswagen into a local Enterprise service center as soon as you can. 

What Is An EPC Light?

If your VW EPC light comes on, you’re probably wondering “What is an EPC light?” The EPC warning light often signifies a problem with the throttle system or sensors in your Volkswagen. Because of this, it’s recommended that you bring your Volkswagen in for immediate inspection to ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers on Enterprise roads. A faulty sensor or throttle could impact the performance of your vehicle. Here are some other problems that could cause a VW EPC light to turn on:

  • Throttle pedal or throttle body issues
  • Cruise control trouble
  • Engine speed sensor error
  • Mass air flow sensor error
  • Issues with your brake light switch

In some situations the solution can be as simple as getting a new sensor for your Volkswagen. These sensors – like many vehicle parts – degrade over time as you drive through Las Vegas. In other cases you may need to replace parts of your throttle system. These repairs can be costly, so it’s best to browse our service and parts specials before you visit. 

Can I Perform VW EPC Light Reset At Home?

At Findlay Volkswagen Henderson, we know it can be frustrating when a dashboard warning light comes on, especially if you’ve been keeping up to date with your Volkswagen maintenance schedule. While it’s tempting to try to do a VW EPC light reset at home, the light is one of the major warning lights on your dashboard, and it’s safer to have it checked out by your local Volkswagen service team as soon as possible to ensure there isn’t a serious problem.

Get Volkswagen Service At Findlay Volkswagen Henderson!

If your VW EPC light comes on during your North Las Vegas commute, trust the service experts at Findlay Volkswagen Henderson to find the problem and fix it in time for your next appointment. Schedule service online with us today and we’ll solve the issue with your EPC warning light and get you back on Henderson roads!

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