Learn How to Use Volkswagen Keyless Access to Easily Enter Your VW Without Using the Key

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How to Use Volkswagen Keyless Access
Keyless Access is a handy feature that you may find comes with your Volkswagen model. If you’re new to Volkswagen or have never used this feature before, it’s a good idea to learn how to use Volkswagen Keyless Access so that you can take advantage of the easy entry it provides to your vehicle.

Keyless Access means you don’t need to take out your key or push a button on the key fob to unlock and enter your vehicle. You can simply have your key in your pocket or purse, and be within a five foot range of the vehicle.

When the vehicle is locked, it should be indicated by a flashing red light indicator within the vehicle. When you are in range of the vehicle, however, you can keep your Volkswagen key stowed away and the system will activate, allowing the vehicle to unlock automatically.

How to Enter Your Volkswagen Using Keyless Access
With your key in your pocket, purse or bag, place your hand behind the door handle.

Allow your hand to rest there for just a brief moment to allow the vehicle to detect that your hand is there.

Now, go ahead and open the door, which should be unlocked automatically.

How to Use Volkswagen Keyless AccessHow to Lock Your Volkswagen Using Keyless Access
Locking your Volkswagen without having to use the key is just as easy. Located on the door handle you should notice a small dimple. Just press it to lock the vehicle using Volkswagen Keyless Access. Note that wrapping your hand around the door handle while pressing the dimple will cause the vehicle to believe you are locking the vehicle, so upon entering, always place your hand flat behind the handle first to enter successfully.

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Getting into your Volkswagen without the key is easy once you know how to use Volkswagen Keyless Access. Now, you can take advantage of the system to easily enter or lock your vehicle when searching for the key is inconvenient. If you ever have any questions about the features available with your Volkswagen model, feel free to contact us at Findlay Volkswagen.

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