Learn How to Swap Between Primary Phones Using Your Volkswagen Bluetooth

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How to Switch Phones Using Bluetooth In Your Volkswagen
Bluetooth is a great way to stay safely connected while on the go in your car. Better yet, the Bluetooth system in Volkswagen models allows you to connect up to two devices at a time, meaning you won’t have to fight with your front seat passengers over who gets to sync up their phone. That said, while both phones will be able to receive incoming calls, only one of the phone’s contact can be synced with the infotainment system at one time.

With that in mind, it can be useful to know how to switch to a different primary phone for the Bluetooth in your Volkswagen. Making the switch should be pretty simple, and is definitely easier than removing both phones from the vehicle and starting over from the beginning. If you have yet to pair the second phone, use our quick step-by-step guide below to do so.

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How to Pair a Phone to Bluetooth In Your VW
Access the Bluetooth menu on your phone and search for new devices.
When you see VW BT followed by some digits (the last four of your VIN), select it.

Press “Connect” on the infotainment display to approve the connection.
When the infotainment display provides a PIN, ensure that it matches the PIN shown on your phone. If it does, select “Yes” on your vehicle’s screen.
Lastly, press pair on your smartphone.

How to Switch Primary Phones on VW Bluetooth
Now that you have two phones connected, it is time to swap between the two to set the one you want as the primary device.

Select the “PHONE” hard key next to your infotainment screen.
On this screen, you should see the primary phone listed at the top of the screen. Near the bottom will be a swapping icon that lists the other device currently synced to Bluetooth.
To set this device as the primary phone, selected the swapping icon. If you’d like to switch back to the previous device, just repeat the steps.
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If you need additional instruction, you can watch the video above for a visual guide. To learn more about life with your Volkswagen, be sure to follow the Findlay Volkswagen blog.

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