Benefits of Learning How to Drive With the VW DSG Transmission

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How to Drive With the VW DSG Transmission
The DSG transmission is one of the many innovative pieces of machinery that can be found in Volkswagen models. This automatic transmission is capable of achieving quick shifts between gears that provide great fuel economy and a sporty drive. If you want to take a little more control over your transmission, however, we can show you how to drive with the VW DSG transmission.

The first option available with the VW dual-clutch gearbox found in models like the Jetta, Golf and Passat, is to simply switch to Sport mode. While in drive, simply pull the shift lever back once to move into Sport mode. This will allow for greater performance. If you’re ready for better fuel economy, pull down on the shift lever again to move back into automatic.

Drivers can also drive in Tiptronic mode, which will allow you to control the gear shifts. Just tip the shift lever to the right to enter tiptronic mode. Simply tip the shift lever forward to shift up and tip it back to shift down. You can also shift using the paddle levers on the steering wheel, shifting down with the left paddle and up with the right paddle. The current gear should be displayed in the instrument cluster.

Taking control of gear shifts is easy with the DSG transmission. Should a necessary shift not be made in time, the gear will shift automatically. To go back to automatic shifting, just hold the up-shift paddle for about one second.

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Knowing how to drive with the VW DSG transmission opens you up to the advantages provided by this impressive piece of engineering. Not only do you now have access to the performance and efficiency of a manual transmission, but also the driving ease of an automatic transmission. To learn more about your particular Volkswagen mode, feel free to contact us at Findlay Volkswagen. You can also continue checking back to our blog for future updates.

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