Should I Buy Or Lease A Volkswagen?

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Are you looking to upgrade your Henderson commute so you can accommodate your growing lifestyle? If so then you may be wondering whether you should buy or lease your next Volkswagen vehicle. There are benefits to both leasing and financing for Enterprise drivers to take advantage of, but your decision will ultimately be based on your vehicle preferences and what your long-term financial plans are. Learn more about the difference between lease vs. buying below, or contact us with any of your specific financing or leasing questions. 

Benefits Of Buying

Buying a new Volkswagen means you make payments towards the vehicle until you own it in full. This is a great option for Las Vegas drivers who want to build equity or plan to own their vehicle for a long time. 

  • No Mileage Restrictions: When you purchase a vehicle you can drive it as far and as long as you want without fear of mileage limits. This makes buying ideal for drivers who travel a lot or have a long commute.
  • Total Ownership: When you buy a vehicle it’s yours entirely. You can use it to build your equity or modify it to your preferences. 
  • Customization: Financing a car allows you to customize it with parts, accessories, paint, or decals to your liking. 
  • Ability to Sell: Buying a vehicle allows you to sell it later on to a friend or family member if you choose. 
  • Financing Options: While neither leasing or financing is a headache when you shop with Findlay Volkswagen Henderson, some North Las Vegas drivers find the financing process more straightforward than the leasing process. You can even save time by applying for financing online. When you buy you can also refinance your loan to lower your monthly payments and interest rates later on. 
  • Less Cost Over Time: When you buy a vehicle, you’re paying more upfront in monthly payments and fees, but after you finish your loan payment the cost of owning a car drops dramatically. The longer you own your vehicle, the less expensive it is to maintain, assuming you follow your recommended maintenance schedule. 

Benefits Of Leasing

When you lease a Volkswagen from Findlay Volkswagen Henderson, you can get the latest performance and technology features every few years, and you won’t have to worry about the costs and hassles that come with car ownership. 

  • Lower Payments: Pay less on your monthly payments and down payments when you choose to lease vs. buying.
  • Lower Sales Tax: A lot of states have a dramatically lower sales tax for drivers who lease a vehicle from a dealership. In most cases, you only need to pay tax on your down payment and monthly payments.
  • Trade-Ins: Trading in your vehicle for a new one when your lease agreement is up is straightforward and simple. All you need to do is return your current vehicle, pay off any fees, pick your new Volkswagen to lease, sign papers, and get back on Henderson roads!
  • Great Coverage: A leased vehicle has amazing warranty coverage that makes maintaining your Volkswagen affordable and easy. Any problems that occur during your lease are covered as long as you are within the lease limits. 
  • Options: Upgrade to the latest entertainment and performance features every few years when you choose to lease a car. Since most car leases are about three years, you can take advantage of all the latest Volkswagen tech. 

Finance Or Lease Your Next Volkswagen Today 

Whether you decide to buy or lease your next Volkswagen vehicle, the finance team at Findlay Volkswagen Henderson is here to help you with all your car buying needs. Read more of our car buying tips to learn about the car leasing and financing process, then browse our Volkswagen specials to get a discount on your next financing or lease deal. We look forward to helping you find the perfect Volkswagen for your family! 

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