How Do I Lease a Volkswagen?

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Whether it is a Volkswagen Jetta lease or a Volkswagen Atlas lease you want, leasing a vehicle is a terrific idea and a lot easier than you may think. At Findlay Volkswagen Henderson, we will share with you how you can take advantage of Volkswagen lease deals. If you are in the North Las Vegas area, keep us in mind when you want to lease your next vehicle.

What To Consider Before Getting Volkswagen Lease Deals

To ensure you are prepared to lease a Volkswagen, here is what you need to know. Some minor limitations come with leasing. For example, Las Vegas drivers may have a long daily commute. Thus, the mileage of your vehicle needs consideration. Let’s review what you need to consider before leasing a Volkswagen:

  • The average number of miles you drive.
  • A budget for a monthly car payment.
  • Value your trade if you trade-in your vehicle.
  • Think about getting Gap insurance.

Being familiar with these details will help you decided whether a Volkswagen Jetta lease or a Volkswagen Atlas lease is the best choice for your budget and your family.

Volkswagen Leasing: The Process

Volkswagen leasing is essentially the same as leasing a vehicle elsewhere. However, Volkswagen aims to ensure that each customer experiences an easy Volkswagen leasing process. With that said, let’s take a look at the process of leasing a Volkswagen so you’re familiar with the process beforehand:

  • Visit Findlay Volkswagen Henderson
  • Test drive your chosen Volkswagen. Be sure to test drive a few others for comparison.
  • Review the paperwork with a member of our team.
  • Sign the lease paperwork.
  • Begin your journey with your newly leased Volkswagen.

The process of leasing a Volkswagen will feel much like buying a vehicle. However, there will be stipulations on mileage shown in the paperwork. Usually, this is not an issue if you do not drive long distances regularly. The bonus to leasing is when your lease is up, you can choose another new vehicle. A leasing term can last from 24-months to the more popular of the two, 36-months. In some cases, you can return the car near the end of your term and pay the remainder.

Leasing Terms

The terms of your lease are the factors you agree to with the dealership when you take possession of the car. Review some of the terms you’re likely to see on your Volkswagen Jetta lease or your Volkswagen Atlas lease below:

  • Residual Value: A percentage that decreases its expected value over time. You pay for the lost residual value when you lease.
  • Money Factor: A term used for the interest rate, often not a percentage. The higher the money factor (interest rate), the more interest is paid.
  • Mileage Limits: Mileage limits determine the depreciation of a vehicle yearly. Before you lease, learn how much you drive and understand that there is a cost when going over the set mileage limit.

Lease a New Volkswagen at Findlay Volkswagen Henderson!

At Findlay Volkswagen Henderson, we have the right Volkswagen for you to lease! Check out our new Volkswagen inventory and Volkswagen lease deals! Our team is dedicated to residents in Enterprise and the surrounding areas. Choose us when you think of Volkswagen or contact us in the meantime to learn about our models, what happens if you don’t change your oil, and more!

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