Why Buy Here at Findlay Volkswagen 

Why Buy Here

Findlay Volkswagen Henderson in the Valley Auto Mall is a special place. Over and over again I hear, “this doesn’t feel like the average car dealership”. And that is because it’s not! Just step foot through our doors and you will see, hear, and feel the difference.

The primary cause of this difference is simple: WE CARE! We care about you, your family, your time, and your car! We care about each other and we care immensely about our community. We work on purpose and we are constantly challenging ourselves to do more and contribute to a higher purpose.

We are fortunate to be members of the Findlay Automotive Group and have the support of our organization when it comes to serving our community. Yes, we sell and service vehicles, but we are so much more than that. We are residents of Southern Nevada, we are parents, we are coaches, we are non-profit donors, and so much more. Our motto is “Meet Me at Findlay” because that is what we hope you will do… come meet us!

Most organizations, nowadays, have a mission statement. Mission statements have become part of our business landscape but here at Findlay Volkswagen Henderson, we have a Purpose Statement. We believe that missions are something with starting and ending points, whereas a purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or which something exists. Purpose has no end.


Our Purpose Statement reads:


Provide Valuable Experiences to our guests and team members.

Operate a profitable business, but always make a fair deal.

Encourage Philanthropy through our actions and reach of voice.

Be an asset to our communities.

Spread Peace, Love and V-Dub!


Call us if you have any questions:
(833) 249-9231

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