2017 VW Golf vs 2017 VW Golf GTI

The Volkswagen Golf family has quickly become a fan-favorite group of cars. With several different configurations available, there is a vehicle in the Golf family for everyone. As the 2017 VW Golf vs 2017 VW Golf GTI comparison reveals, no two members of the Golf family are exactly the same.

The first thing to note about the 2017 VW Golf vs 2017 VW Golf GTI comparison is the base Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of each car. With an MSRP of $19,895, the 2017 VW Golf is a great value for any hatchback shoppers. For an extra $5,700, however, the Golf GTI has some serious perks to offer its customers.

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2017 Volkswagen Golf vs 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI
$19,895 Base MSRP $25,595
25/36 mpg Fuel Economy (city/hwy) 24/34 mpg
170 hp, 199 lb-ft Power Ratings 210 hp, 258 lb-ft
Standard Bluetooth Available

Main Differences – 2017 VW Golf vs 2017 VW Golf GTI

Both cars earn good fuel economy, as estimated by the Environmental Protection Agency, but the Golf does outperform the GTI by a narrow margin with an additional mile per gallon (mpg) in the city and two more mpg on the highway. In exchange for this small drop in fuel economy, drivers who choose the Golf GTI will receive a much stronger engine. With power ratings of 210 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque, the Golf GTI has no problem passing the Golf on the highway – even if it does need to stop for gas a little more often. 

While these two Golf family members do have significant differences, they also share some important similarities. For instance, both the Golf and the Golf GTI come with standard Bluetooth capability, roadside assistance, and countless other standard and available features.

In short, both cars in the 2017 VW Golf vs 2017 VW Golf GTI comparison gives customers many reasons to smile. For those want to save money on the starting price, and down the road with fuel economy, the 2017 VW Golf will suit their needs just fine. On the other hand, for those who want an engine with a mightier roar and a driving experience with even more excitement than the Golf can offer, the 2017 VW Golf GTI may be exactly what they're looking for. Either way, it's impossible to go wrong with a Volkswagen. 

2017 VW Golf Blue Exterior Front View
2017 VW Golf front cabin side view interior
2017 VW Golf GTI GTI front cabin side view interior
2017 VW Golf GTI headlight

2017 VW Golf Alltrack White Exterior Front View
2017 Volkswagen Jetta Front View of Blue Exterior