Is it safe for my dog to be in the car with the windows rolled down?

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dog with shades on driving car

Each summer, there are the sad stories of dogs that suffer a heat stroke due to being left in a vehicle on a hot day. Many people do not realize just how hot it can get in your vehicle when the sun is shining. These high temperatures can be fatal to your dog within a few minutes if they are left trapped inside. If you have a pet dog and want to take good care of it, you should never leave them stuck inside your vehicle on a warm or hot day. Your dog counts on you to take care of it, be sure to be doing the best for its health! Keep reading below for more information on this important topic!

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Things to Consider When Leaving Your Pup in the Car

dogs looking out window of carJust as you would not leave your child stuck inside a vehicle on a hot day, you should not do this to your dog either. Hot days, especially in the summer, is when you should leave your dog at home unless you know that you will be able to take them out of the vehicle when you reach your destination.

Many people assume that if they leave the windows partly open, then their dog will get enough airflow and it will not be too hot for them inside. While opening the windows will help the interior temperature to drop a couple degrees, it will still not make it cool enough. Not only will leaving the windows open not help the temperature of the vehicle that much, but it will also leave your dog and other items inside your vehicle vulnerable to strangers passing by.

If you do have your dog along with you and need to make a quick stop. The best thing to do is to leave your vehicle running with the air conditioning on for your dog. This will help to regulate the temperature for your dog for the few minutes that you are out of the vehicle. Even with the vehicle and air conditioning on, you should still try to hurry back to your pup that is waiting for you.

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