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Helpful Tips for New Teenage Drivers

Thursday, July 19th, 2018
girl in drivers ed parking next to orange cones

Getting your teen out on the road is both scary and exciting. It’s hard to believe they are already driving, where did the time go? One thing’s for sure if they are going to be driving you want them to be totally prepared. That means that the car is ready for them, they know what to do if something were to happen to the car and most importantly, they know how to drive safely.

Since there is no easy way for you to let go and not worry about them when they are driving, we thought we would try to help by making a helpful list for them to look over before they hit the road. Keep reading for a list of helpful tips for teenage drivers to know before getting behind the wheel. (more…)

VIDEOS: Using Apple CarPlay in your Volkswagen vehicle

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018
Siri on the Volkswagen infotainment screen

How do I pair my iPhone to my Volkswagen using Apple CarPlay?

As you well know, using your phone behind the wheel can be very dangerous. Luckily, though, Volkswagen models feature Apple CarPlay. This is a feature that connects your Apple mobile device to your Volkswagen infotainment system, allowing you to use your vehicle’s touchscreen and intuitive voice commands to control your phone for a number of functions. With Apple CarPlay, you can message on-the-go, navigate, and play music and podcasts. A lot of drivers are wondering just how this feature works. How do I pair my iPhone to my Volkswagen using Apple CarPlay? The team here at Findlay VW wants you to stay in-the-know, so we put together this post with useful tutorials for you. Check out this blog post to learn more! (more…)

Stay comfortable with Volkswagen’s climate control system

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018
Volkswagen interior dash and steering wheel

Volkswagen automatic climate control features

Comfortable interiors have always set the Volkswagen brand apart from the competition. The Volkswagen automatic climate control system is designed to help keep the driver and passengers comfortable while on the road. Take a look at the Volkswagen automatic climate control features outlined in the videos below to learn more about how to use this great feature. (more…)

What Are the Best VW Cars for 2017 Graduates in Henderson NV?

Friday, May 19th, 2017
Graduation Celebration - Best VW Cars for 2017 College Graduates

Best VW Cars for 2017 College Graduates

Congratulations, graduates! After your long-awaited graduation, the possibilities for what might come next are practically endless. Whether you plan to stay in Nevada, hit the road or whatever else, we hope you’ll take one last tour of our inventory for old times’ sake. And when you do, we will love to help you test drive some of the best VW cars for 2017 college graduates in the Henderson area. (more…)

Learn How to Swap Between Primary Phones Using Your Volkswagen Bluetooth

Monday, December 19th, 2016
How to Switch Phones Using Bluetooth In Your Volkswagen

How to Switch Phones Using Bluetooth In Your Volkswagen

Bluetooth is a great way to stay safely connected while on the go in your car. Better yet, the Bluetooth system in Volkswagen models allows you to connect up to two devices at a time, meaning you won’t have to fight with your front seat passengers over who gets to sync up their phone. That said, while both phones will be able to receive incoming calls, only one of the phone’s contact can be synced with the infotainment system at one time.


Use These Tips to Maximize Your Tires’ Lifetime

Thursday, May 12th, 2016
5 Tips to Help Your Car Tires Last Longer

5 Tips to Help Your Car Tires Last Longer

Most car owners know that tires don’t come cheap. Drivers will want to get as much life out of their car tires as possible, but within limits. You should never avoid replacing your car tires if they need it, as it can be a major safety concern. That being said, we have 5 tips to help your car tires last longer, before they get to the point of needing replacement.


Does Car Air Conditioning Affect Gas Mileage?

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016
car air conditioning buttons lit up

Do You Waste Gas Using Car Air Conditioning?

Things can get hot here in Henderson NV, but if you’re on the road, you can always rely on air conditioning to keep you cool. But do you waste gas using the car air conditioning? Some drivers wonder if it’s better to suffer through the heat rather than use any gas on cooling the vehicle’s interior. Is this true? Let’s find out.


Follow These Guidelines to Avoid Excess Wear and Tear on Your Leased Volkswagen

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016
How Much Wear and Tear Can You Have on a VW Lease?

How Much Wear and Tear Can You Have on a VW Lease?

Car leases are great. You basically get to have an extended test drive of a new VW model, and at the end of the lease terms, you either trade-in for a newer model or make the decision to buy your trusty vehicle. Of course, one thing many drivers get concerned over is the wear and tear on the vehicle. Knowing how much wear and tear you can have on a VW lease, however, can help put your mind at ease.


Does Your Volkswagen Require Regular or Premium Gas?

Thursday, January 28th, 2016
What Kind of Gas Does Volkswagen Use?

What Kind of Gas Does Volkswagen Use?

There’s often a debate among drivers over whether to fill up their gas tanks with regular or premium fuel. Some may believe premium fuel has its benefits, while others find premium fuel to just be a waste of money. Still, other vehicles may require premium gas over regular. So, what kind of gas does Volkswagen use?


Keep Your VW Looking Like New By Learning How to Wax Your Volkswagen Properly

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015
How to Wax Your Volkswagen properly by hand

How to Wax Your Volkswagen By Hand

Volkswagen drivers tend to be proud drivers, wanting to take the best care of their vehicle as possible. We always encourage drivers to take great care of their Volkswagen in order to ensure a long and healthy life. One of the easiest ways to do this is through regular washing and waxing, but learning how to wax your Volkswagen by hand for the first time may not be easy for some. There are a few tips and tricks you’ll want to know before getting started.