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The New Volkswagen T-Prime Concept GTE Delivers Plug-In Hybrid Technology

Monday, April 25th, 2016
vw t-prime concept front grille bumper design features

VW T-Prime Concept GTE Engine Specs and Fuel Economy

Following the reveal of the small T-Cross Breeze SUV featuring a removable convertible roof, Volkswagen is continuing to preview its future SUV line. The latest preview was revealed at the Beijing Motor Show and is called the T-Prime. In addition to looking great, the VW T-Prime Concept GTE engine specs and fuel economy paint a bright picture for a new line of VW SUVs.


If You’re a College Grad, Let Us Help You Buy a New Car Through the VW College Graduate Program in Henderson NV

Thursday, April 21st, 2016
students graduating from college with diploma in hand

Benefits of the Volkswagen College Graduate Program

So, you’ve finally graduated from college. Congratulations! All of your time and hard work has finally paid off and you’re ready to begin a new life. Sometimes, though, this transition can be overwhelming, which is why we want to help you through the benefits of the Volkswagen College Graduate Program.


Enjoy These Activities and Events on Mother’s Day 2016 in Henderson NV

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Things to Do for Mother’s Day 2016 Henderson NV

There’s no doubt there are plenty of fun things to do for Mother’s Day 2016 in Henderson NV and the nearby areas. The challenge, however, is finding out about these things. To help you out, we’ve done some research and put together this short list of activities and events you can attend with your mother this year. Check them out below and be sure to share your own ideas in the comments section.


Does Car Air Conditioning Affect Gas Mileage?

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016
car air conditioning buttons lit up

Do You Waste Gas Using Car Air Conditioning?

Things can get hot here in Henderson NV, but if you’re on the road, you can always rely on air conditioning to keep you cool. But do you waste gas using the car air conditioning? Some drivers wonder if it’s better to suffer through the heat rather than use any gas on cooling the vehicle’s interior. Is this true? Let’s find out.