Oil changes: easy, cheap and vital

By Product Expert | Posted in Car Service on Monday, March 23rd, 2015 at 3:42 pm
Oil change services near Henderson NV

Oil change services near Henderson NV

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times: every 3,000 miles or 3 months you should get your oil changed. At Findlay Volkswagen, we know getting an oil change probably isn’t topping your list of fun things to do on the weekend, so we try to make our oil change services near Henderson NV as quick and painless as possible. If you’re wondering if the frequent maintenance is worth the trouble, we’re here to talk about why it is.

Motor oil works in three ways to keep your engine in top shape. First and probably most obviously, it provides lubrication to keep all the working parts in your engine running smoothly. Second, it draws heat away from your combustion chamber. Finally, it prevents carbon from accumulating in the engine, when changed regularly.

When not changed, you get that awful sludge-like oil, which can seriously mess up your engine. If you let it build up, you can end up scheduling an expensive cleaning and may have to replace worn out piston rings. If your oil runs low, you’re pistons can seize altogether, meaning you’ll need a whole new engine.

We don’t want to see your vehicle at our service center for expensive and unnecessary repairs any more than you do. Regularly getting your oil changed is one small, and inexpensive, way to help ensure your car runs the best it can. As a bonus, when you bring it to our service center we get the chance to take a look under the hood and beneath your car. This means our professionally trained automotive technicians can catch fluid leaks, damaged belts and hoses and many other safety hazards before they become big problems.

Scheduling an oil change is easy with our online appointment form. We here at Findlay Volkswagen look forward to the opportunity to work with you to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


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